Blind Bolt Evaluation Report

Each year the ICC Evaluation Service performs an analysis of blind bolts to assure that everyone is on the same page involving material used in the bolts, how the bolts are used, a general description on how the bolts should be constructed, and explanation of installation procedures. This is a review of the January 2021 […]

What Is A Threaded Rod?

New employees now getting involved in the electrical, general construction, OEM, pipe valve or fitting industries have probably been introduced to the threaded rod. Threaded along its length, the rod is used in the various trades mentioned. Which threaded rod is used in particular application depends on a number of variables including thread direction, the […]

Blind Bolt Specifications

When you’re in need of a structural fastener that offers more muscle and adaptability than a common rivet or weld, then your choice should be a blind bolt. Developed to establish strong connections that common rivets or hex bolts aren’t capable of achieving, blind bolts have been around for decades and used for repairing and […]

The Thin Wall Bolt

Also known as the TW Bolt, the Thin Wall Bolt is a blind fixing fastener that is used along with cladding material or lightweight steel sheets. This particular fastener is convenient to use and performs excellently. When it’s fitted, the only thing visible is the low profile head. While the stud cannot be seen, the […]

Blind Bolt Fixing Terms

Blind Bolts are probably one of the most adaptable fasteners there is. In fact, people who use them and have knowledge as to how they work have created new uses for them. The recent innovations in the bolt have made fixing it into a box section or girder cavity fairly simple. Moreover, these bolts make […]